Actin (muscle specific)

Clone: HHF35

Catalog # 10123

Actin (muscle specific)

Myofibroma, Muscle specific Actin (HHF35)

Host: Mouse

Application: IHC-P

Species reactivity: Human, rabbit, rat.

Description: Actin is a major component of the cytoskeleton. This antibody recognizes actin of skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle cells. It is not reactive with other mesenchymal cells except for myoepithelium. Anti-Muscle-Specific Actin recognizes alpha and gamma isotypes of all muscle groups. Non-muscle cells such as vascular endothelial cells and connective tissues are non-reactive. Also, neoplastic cells of non-muscle-derived tissue such as carcinomas, melanomas, and lymphomas are negative. This antibody is useful in the identification of rhabdoid cellular elements.