Cytokeratin 5

Clone: XM26

Catalog # 10083

Cytokeratin 5

Lung squamous cell carcinoma, CK5 (XM26)

Host: Mouse

Application: IHC-P

Species reactivity: Human, dog, cat.

Description: This antibody reacts with cytokeratin 5 intermediate filament protein. Basal cells of human epidermis express acidic CK 14 and basic CK 5. CK 5 is a 58 kDa protein, which is closely related to cytokeratin 6. Both are expressed in basal cell epithelioma, basal cells of prostate, urothelium, vagina and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin, tongue, epiglottis and the rectal-anal region. CK 5 can be useful in the distinction of mesotheliomas from most adenocarcinomas.