Our company offers the complete set of reagents needed for immunohistochemistry.

Most of our primary antibodies are available in concentrated and pre-diluted, ready to use formats as well. Among our products, both antibodies developed and tested for human diagnostic applications, as well as primary antibodies especially produced for research (rat anti-mouse antibodies) can be found. The list of our IVD CE classified antibodies is continuously expanding. 

Production of our HISTOLS - Line secondary antibodies is based on a new micro-polymer technology which permits to obtain small secondary antibody complexes containing high number of labeling enzyme molecules, resulting intense immunostaining without background.

Our chromogen - substrate systems are all resistant, forming a precipitate insoluble in aqueous and organic solvents, allowing them to be used in automated systems and the application of commonly known permanent mounting media. This technology allows more effective storage, archiving and digitization of slides. 

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